My top 5 songs that got me through September

Ah September. What a shit show.

I really racked up the Spotify listening minutes this month, but that’s not unusual in the slightest. I spend so much time listening to music on normal days and in normal life, but having not a lot else to do over the past few weeks has only increased that. I have so many playlists for different moods, moments, and months, and they are all pretty bloody good (if I do say so myself).

I thought I would make a point of writing a blog post at the end of every month to detail the top 5 songs I have listened to throughout it, because music is such an important part of my life and my every day, and I want to share that. So, here! Here are my top 5 songs that I listened to in September.

Disclaimer: these aren’t songs that CAME OUT in the month of September (at least not exclusively), they’re just songs I have been listening to a lot throughout the month. The songs listed below will go from 5-1, meaning the final song is my favourite of the month. Enjoy!

Number 5: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

This one couldn’t not be included.

I’m *pretty sure* 1989 is my favourite Taylor Swift album. In 2014, my Mum and I went to see her 1989 tour, and it was genuinely one of the best concerts/live performances I have ever seen – AND I HAVE BEEN TO MANY.

The song is so vibey, so Taylor, and SUCH A MOOD BOOSTER. What I would do to be standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe (without freezing to death, and without the fear of contracting a disease 🙂). This song transports me to a time pre-COVID, and a time where ANZ Stadium can be at full capacity. I miss it and I LOVE THIS SONG AND ALBUM.

Also, I hear rumours that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) may be coming out before Red (Taylor’s Version)? But regardless, Red (Taylor’s Version) is set to come out three days before my birthday, so shout out to Taylor, it was really cool of her to do that for me.

Number 4: Cause a Scene – Death by Denim

My Dad initially drew my attention to Death by Denim after he heard Wiggy on triple j (he’s a cool Dad). In the first six months of this year I absolutely rinsed Cigarettes and Honey by the band, and have loved their music ever since.

This one has been included on this list as it was NECESSARY for me to include a certified music festival banger. The songs that Death by Denim produce constantly sound like they should be played at festivals, and when I listen to them sitting at my desk before a class (like right now), it reminds me of a better time, swaying in a crowd full of other music fans, with no cares in the world.

The song is without a doubt Death by Denim, and I love a band that sticks to their sound. The twangy guitar, the lead singers raspy voice, and the build and change in mood within the song is just so, so good. Hats off to you, Death by Denim.

Number 3: Let Me Know – Angus & Julia Stone

They came back!

I have always loved Angus & Julia Stone; they are more than just Big Jet Plane and Chateau, and they are always just SO GREAT. They haven’t fallen into the trap of ‘oh I’m coming back after four years away so I’m just going to completely change my sound’, they still sound like them, and they still sound amazing.

The new album, Life Is Strange, is filled with a number of certified bangers (they aren’t bangers by nature, but they’re very bloody good). A few notable mentions include Living Underground, Heavy Gets Light, For Remembering and Forever For Us (I may as well just list the whole album), but Let Me Know sounds like it could be in any of their previous albums, which are what made me fall in love with them in the first place.

It sounds like winter at the beach, it sounds like driving on a big, long dirt road in the rain, it sounds like sitting on the couch and reading a good book with a blankie and a cup of tea. IT SOUNDS LIKE ANGUS & JULIA STONE BABY!

Number 2: Light My Love – Greta Van Fleet

I heard of this one via TikTok, and I’m sure you did too.

When I first listened to Greta Van Fleet, my initial thought was – has this man been sucking on helium and is he taking the piss? Like literally. But then I realised, that’s what sets them apart from other bands, and it really works. The high notes in the chorus hit me right in the soul, especially the main ‘oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, light my love’ (if you listen to the song you’ll know what I mean, it’s hard to explain).

The piano!!! Petition to get more piano in popular music please!!! And I’m not talking Adele’s Hello style piano, I’m talking about loud, plonky piano that builds into something as powerful as the chorus of Light My Love. This song almost always fills me with joy, and although I can’t quite hit the notes, there has been some serious shower lip syncing to this song. It’s honestly so good, and dare I say, EUPHORIC.

Someone remind me to listen to Greta Van Fleet’s other songs, my time has been exclusively devoted to this one.

Number 1: It’s Almost Christmas In Philly – Gretta Ray

I’ve just noticed the Gret(t)a theme in this post. But seriously, listen to this song for the first time and don’t get a little teary, I dare ya.

This song is not a single from the album, but it stood out to me so much upon listening to it. I really really like songs that tell stories (immediate other examples that pop into my head are the last great american dynasty by Taylor Swift and Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane by Gang of Youths), and this song does a great job of doing that. The first time I listened to it was quite early on in Canberra’s lockdown, and even without looking at the name it became obvious the song was about Christmas, which is always nice (again hard to explain, but listen to it and I’m sure you will agree).

Throughout the lockdown, one of the most upsetting things for me has been the inability to travel, particularly overseas, and not knowing when we will be able to do it again. In 2019 I travelled through Europe and went to numerous Christmas markets all over the place. This song brought me back there. Although none of those places I went to were Philadelphia (for those of you who didn’t recognise that I said Europe and Philly is, in fact, in America), listening to the song almost matched the feelings of being there, and that was emotional – but mostly nice. Thanks Gretta.

And that’s my September in music. I will attach a link to my September playlist if anyone is interested in what else I was listening to last month, (sorry not sorry about the Doja Cat). Happy listening!

Ed: Upon reflection and reading through this post a number of times, it’s obvious that I like these songs so much because they take me somewhere that isn’t the crazy time we are currently living in. And I hope they can do the same for you.

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