My top 5 songs that got me through January

Hello hello. Long-time no see. Never fear, I’m here, and I’m back with my top 5 songs that got me through the month of January! I bet you all were waiting with bated breath for this one, weren’t you? This is the first time I will ever have to start one of these off withContinue reading “My top 5 songs that got me through January”

The highlights of 2021

Happy New Year friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022… And by that I mean I am absolutely petrified for what the next year will bring. I feel like we are at the beginning of 2020 take 2. 2020 two? 2020 too? It’s gonna be a shit show. Can’t wait until it’sContinue reading “The highlights of 2021”

The story of Christmas 2015

It’s a tradition in my household to sit in front of Carols by Candlelight every Christmas Eve regardless of the quality of singing. Who are these 109-year-old men and why are here every year? “Is that one still breathing?” I’m really only (minorly) interested in Dami Im, but hey, tradition is tradition. And what getsContinue reading “The story of Christmas 2015”

My top 5 songs that got me through November

Happy December! Happy festive season! Happy hot vaxxed (and hopefully not too rainy) summer! And happy Spotify Wrapped day! We made it to the end of November besties, and some things happened. The semester finished, work started picking up, I turned 21 and Taylor Swift AND Adele gifted albums for me, and we all nearlyContinue reading “My top 5 songs that got me through November”

Are Canberra’s Nightclubs Doing Enough to Stop Sexual Assault?

Women choose their way home from clubs “based not on efficiency, but on which route is less likely to have men lurking around who will potentially harass and assault [them]”. Women give fake names and numbers to men in clubs because they “fear what he might do if [they] just say ‘no’”. British feminist andContinue reading “Are Canberra’s Nightclubs Doing Enough to Stop Sexual Assault?”

My top 5 songs that got me through October

Hi there. It’s me. S’been a while. I figured because it’s mid-November, I should probably get my shit together and write this bad boy before it’s time to write the next one. I wish I had more to say about the month of October itself, but I honestly remember very little of it. And no,Continue reading “My top 5 songs that got me through October”

Book review: Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney

All hail Sally Rooney, right? The long-awaited third novel came out mid-September, and you bet I got hands on it as soon as I could. But did it live up to Normal People’s levels of angst, frustration and complex characterisation? You bet your booty it did! It had even more! And I’m going to talkContinue reading “Book review: Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney”

Mary-Anne’s story

“The Assembly has no power to make laws permitting or having the effect of permitting… the form of intentional killing of another called euthanasia (which includes mercy killing) or the assisting of a person to terminate his or her life.” It’s been 25 years since the Andrews bill passed in the federal government, disallowing AustralianContinue reading “Mary-Anne’s story”

My top 5 songs that got me through September

Ah September. What a shit show. I really racked up the Spotify listening minutes this month, but that’s not unusual in the slightest. I spend so much time listening to music on normal days and in normal life, but having not a lot else to do over the past few weeks has only increased that.Continue reading “My top 5 songs that got me through September”