About Me

Hello! I’m Sara.

Writing is something I do on the daily. Whether it is in the form of academic essays, pretend articles for my journalism university assignments, or real articles that I have been giving the opportunity to create, being able to tell stories in a variety of ways is something I have always loved to do. But how about writing for myself? Here I am! Giving it a go! And I really, very, very much hope that you enjoy.

A Little Bit of Background

I’m currently 20-years-old, and studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media (Journalism) at the University of Canberra. Some of my favourite things to do include reading, anything related to music (I dabble in a little bit of singing honhonhon) and spending time with the people I love. It goes without saying that I am extremely passionate about writing, and I often write about these passions of mine, as well as politics, sport (VERY occasionally), human rights and current affairs. Just an all round bag of variety really.

Thank you so much for being here and making my little hobby something even more special. ❤️