My top 5 songs that got me through January

Hello hello. Long-time no see. Never fear, I’m here, and I’m back with my top 5 songs that got me through the month of January! I bet you all were waiting with bated breath for this one, weren’t you? This is the first time I will ever have to start one of these off withContinue reading “My top 5 songs that got me through January”

The highlights of 2021

Happy New Year friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022… And by that I mean I am absolutely petrified for what the next year will bring. I feel like we are at the beginning of 2020 take 2. 2020 two? 2020 too? It’s gonna be a shit show. Can’t wait until it’sContinue reading “The highlights of 2021”

Live Music Return(ed) to Post-COVID Australia

This is a podcast I did for an assessment in Semester 1 2021. Unfortunately, there is an element of irony in the title. I am currently writing this intro in lockdown (it sucks), but I recorded this assignment within a week of attending a music festival in Wollongong (did I even do that? I don’tContinue reading “Live Music Return(ed) to Post-COVID Australia”