Are Canberra’s Nightclubs Doing Enough to Stop Sexual Assault?

Women choose their way home from clubs “based not on efficiency, but on which route is less likely to have men lurking around who will potentially harass and assault [them]”. Women give fake names and numbers to men in clubs because they “fear what he might do if [they] just say ‘no’”. British feminist andContinue reading “Are Canberra’s Nightclubs Doing Enough to Stop Sexual Assault?”

Mary-Anne’s story

“The Assembly has no power to make laws permitting or having the effect of permitting… the form of intentional killing of another called euthanasia (which includes mercy killing) or the assisting of a person to terminate his or her life.” It’s been 25 years since the Andrews bill passed in the federal government, disallowing AustralianContinue reading “Mary-Anne’s story”