My top 5 songs that got me through October

Hi there. It’s me. S’been a while.

I figured because it’s mid-November, I should probably get my shit together and write this bad boy before it’s time to write the next one. I wish I had more to say about the month of October itself, but I honestly remember very little of it. And no, it’s not alcohol induced amnesia, I’m pretty sure I subconsciously tried to remove it from my brain. All I remember is… stress. But it has some nice moments too 🙂

Now, without further ado – here are the five songs that really got me through the month of October. ENJOY!

Number 5: trust nobody – Lucy Sugerman

I instantly fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. By the truly lovely Lucy Sugerman, trust nobody transports you to a Wonderland esque dreamland. On top of this, this song would not be lost in The Great Gatsby, with the one and only David Garrity (aka my Dad aka Lucy Sugerman’s biggest fan) likening it to Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray. Tbh, I totally vibe that.

Not only is this song spectacular, but so is the rest of Lucy’s EP hurt that’s man made, which actually came out today. Give it a listen – you won’t regret it. We love Lucy Sugerman in this house.

Number 4: 16 Years – The Griswolds

It MUST be said that this is a FIFA song because if I don’t credit that I’ll be constantly reminded for the rest of time (thanks Oli). I have no idea when this song came out, and I also do not know literally anything at ALL about The Griswolds, but this was one of those songs that I listened to for the first time and instantly was like What. Is. That.

This song is so upbeat you can’t not boogie at least a little bit, and it became the staple song for hyping me up after a week of sitting at my desk mid-way through MANY 2,500 word assignments when ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS EXPLODE but all I really needed was a dance break. Anyone? No? Just me? Ok.

Number 3: Fine Line – Harry Styles


Does anyone else have those songs you listen to at midnight and just lay staring at the ceiling contemplating life because IF YOU DON’T, can I introduce you to this song? Fine Line (the album) is a piece of art, and despite it coming out in 2019, I listen to at LEAST 50% of the songs weekly. It’s just so, so good.

I think this song really encapsulated the whole mood of October for me. I don’t really know what I mean by that, but it just kinda makes sense in my brain. It’s sad, you feel many feelings, it builds, and it goes to something really great at the end. I can’t count on my hands how many times I silently mouthed the ‘WE’LL BE ALRIIIIIIIGHT’ bit to myself while everyone in my house was asleep in the middle of the night on the less good days. Also the trumpet? I LOVE THAT SHIT.

Anyone on Harry Styles TikTok (is that embarrassing to admit? I can’t figure it out but also I have no shame) will understand the pure hurt that I feel in my heart whenever I see anything from Love on Tour. I WAS SUPPOSED TO SEE THAT LAST YEAR. LITERALLY A YEAR AGO IN TWO DAYS WAS WHEN MY CONCERT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE.

ANYWAY I need to stop thinking about that because I will cry (that’s not even a joke don’t ask me how I’m doing).

Number 2: All the Animals I Drew as a Kid – Valley

Like The Griswolds, I bloody know nothing about this band, but this song is next level. And like Fine Line, this was a staring-at-the-ceiling-existential-crisis-at-midnight song throughout October (……………and November). I don’t really want to say too much about it (because this song hits the best when you go into it blind), but it’s just so so nice and filled a hole in my Spotify AND LIFE that I wasn’t even aware existed.

This song was weirdly nostalgic even though I’d never heard it before, it’s filled with so many emotions and feelings that aren’t explicitly stated but are universally felt, and just paints a really beautiful picture of what it feels like to grow up and realise what the world is really like. Not to get all sad girl up in here, but it makes me get all sad girl up in here. LISTEN TO IT.

Number 1: FOREVER (feat. BROODS) – Flight Facilities

ANYWAY! This song could not have come out at a better time. FOREVER came out just as lockdown was lifting in the ACT and life was starting to feel more normal again, and almost PERFECTLY REPRODUCES THAT FEELING EVERY TIME YOU LISTEN TO IT! Flight Facilities never lets the team down, and from Telstra broadband adverts to music videos featuring Hugo Weaving (?), I’ve never met one of their songs that I don’t LOVE.

This song is happiness. That’s one of the best ways I can explain it. When I listened to it for the first time, I immediately thought to myself FRICK I can’t wait to see this live at a festival or something because, like, IMAGINE THE SERENITY. AND THEN! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! FLIGHT FACILITIES ANNOUNCED THEY WE HEADING TO YOURS & OWLS FEST! AND I AM TOO! Fuck off 2021, 2022 is my year! I apologise in advance for my behaviour at the festival when this song comes on (you guys know who you are, and have well and truly been warned).

And there we have it. My October in songs. It was rough (if you couldn’t tell from some of THAT ^) but it’s over, and here we are. We made it, and there’s only a month and a half of this dumpster fire of a year left. Listen to FOREVER and have a lil boogie. You deserve it.

My playlist for the month is below. Go wild.

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